We help high-achieving financial advisors enjoy a life of purpose and freedom—while dramatically scaling their business

With the 5-Step Good Money Framework™ you make a huge impact in your community, you attract and retain the best clients and team, and you crush your sales goals.


You’re a top-performing financial advisor but you wonder what's missing

You shouldn’t have to struggle with…

  • Making a lot of money but not feeling purpose and meaning in your life
  • Why your best prospects don't instantly think of you as the "go-to" financial specialist
  • Working harder every year so you can keep achieving your big sales goals

That leads to constant frustration. We don’t want that for you. Our proven framework has given countless high-achieving advisors a plan to add more meaning and money to their lives. It will work for you too.


The Private Workshop: Scaling Your Business with the 5-Step Good Money Framework

An interactive and highly productive full-day session for you and/or your leadership team. We’re going all-in for you! EXCLUSIVE & VERY LIMITED.

2 options: Fly to Derrick’s private home in Arlington, Texas for a unique, highly-customized experience OR Derrick flies to you and delivers big value. You choose.

Top financial advisors typically see at least a 10x return on their private workshop investment within 12 months.


Stop the overwhelm and “making it up” as you go

The 5-Step Good Money Framework is the proven plan to achieve meaning and purpose in your life and dramatically scale your business.

Step 1: Creating Your Generosity Purpose—The secret to making more money and becoming admired by your community

Your Generosity Purpose is a cause you care deeply about, a wrong in the world you want to right or an injustice you see. Ideally It invites your existing and prospective clients to be part of something bigger. When you and your business become known as a “friend of the community” your business grows. It also helps you attract and retain top-quality staff. It puts a moat around your business. 

You’ll attract highly-profitable prospects who want to be part of something meaningful. They can choose to work with anyone, but they want to work with an advisor/business owner who cares about their community. Let’s make it you!

Step 2: We listen to your Concerns, Goals and Dreams

When you own a problem, you own your success. But when the customer thinks you’re the same as every one else in your field, you lose. Commoditization is your enemy. Our proprietary system reveals what the unique problem is that you solve for your current clients. And how you can begin to clearly position yourself as being “the” solution provider for that problem. This is the easy way to grow your business.

Step 3, part 1: Becoming the Problem Solving Specialist & Being Memorable—Winning the “What do you do for a living?” question so that people want to work with you

The most memorable people make the most money. Picture this: When you’re in a social setting and someone asks you, “What do you do for a living?,” what do you say? If their eyes glaze over (you know the look), you have officially put them to sleep. You just lost a possible client. That stops now. The solution is the “You know how…” statement that quickly helps people understand how you solve their “relatable problem.”

Step 3, part 2: Crafting Your Specialist Story—How to stand out so that your competitors become irrelevant

Words are money and we help you choose the most profitable ones! How you describe what you do will either confuse people and cause them to walk out your door or your words will clearly connect with a prospective client. Words lead to wealth. We will custom-tailor simple dialogues for you to use to describe what you specialize in, your “relatable problem” story and how you are uniquely different from others in your field so that you’re the obvious choice to work with.

Step 4: Community Branding & Marketing Strategy—Becoming the “go-to” specialist in your buying area

For you to be known, liked and trusted, people must know you as a real person. They need to see you as a friend and fellow human who has interests and hobbies and a family, just like they do. Crafting a personalized branding strategy that reflects that will separate you from other financial advisors/business owners who appear to be stiff and “strictly business.” We will evaluate your current social media presence and determine if/which social media strategy (or other custom-tailored communication strategy) is best for you. Then we will review the core concerns and problems your ideal clients have and how you can address their pain points in your marketing efforts and attract more ideal clients.

Step 5: Define Your Top Business Goal for the Year—Custom tailor your plan of action

By step five, you’ll have more than enough to see a significant increase in your business revenue. But we go a step further… We help you identify your top business goal for the next 12 months. We capture how great you’ll feel when you achieve it and what is at stake if you don’t. Both are powerful motivators! Then we will custom-tailor a plan of action for you to implement on your own or with ongoing monthly support to help you achieve faster results.

Bonus: Private Workshop Aftercare – We provide 30 days of VIP support for you by email and phone.


How it works:

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

Action overcomes worry. Press the button now and let’s schedule a visit!

Step 2: We listen to your Concerns, Goals and Dreams

We’ll also discuss the Private Workshop details (location, costs, etc) so you make an informed decision.

Step 3: Reserve your Private Workshop Day

We go “all-in” and create a custom-tailored strategy to position you as the specialist, make you memorable and admired in your community, and unleash your sales potential.


What our consulting clients are raving about... 

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“Derrick, you did an amazing job today! Your insights have redefined how we approach conversations with prospective clients. Grateful for you!”

–Jon Kuttin, CEO Kuttin Wealth Management (the #1 ranked Ameriprise Financial practice in the country)

“An EPIC day of one-on-one business consulting with Derrick. My vision is clarified and I’m more excited than I’ve been in years. Can’t say thank you enough, truly life/biz changing!”

–John Skomski, Certified Financial Planner

“The Generosity Purpose idea is revolutionary! This will help us retain and attract top talent.”

Kelly Curnutt, Founder,Curnutt & Hafer Attorneys

“We received more value in one day with Derrick than from an entire year with another consultant. He gave us easy things to implement to grow our business and attract great clients!”

Tracy Plackemeier, Senior Branch Office Administrator for investment firm


Our secret sauce radically grows your revenue

Stand out from every other financial advisor and make a huge impact in your community

We use the most unconventional method for you to unleash your revenue potential: Generosity.

This simple word skyrocketed Derrick’s business. He became nationally recognized and it made him respected and beloved in his local community. The most profitable, high-net worth prospective clients asked to work with him.

Our proven framework gives top financial advisors a roadmap to scale their business with raving and referring clients.


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