I teach a proven framework to build 7-figure businesses that change the world


The reason your financial advisors aren’t making more money is because they secretly believe money is bad.


Derrick Kinney will change that in under an hour!


After his keynote, you will never see money the same and you will see a lot more of it.

Trying to grow your revenue can feel overwhelming

Your advisors shouldn't have to struggle with…

  • Feeling stuck and hoping that ideal clients will magically find them
  • Underperforming because they don't have purpose and meaning in their lives
  • Wasting money on sponsorships and client events that give them nothing in return

That leads to constant frustration and it's just not right. Today, there's a better way for your advisors.

In Derrick's Keynote,

Why Money is Not Bad & Good People Should Have More of It,” your advisors will learn how to:

  • Exceed their revenue goals so they can do more good for the causes they care about
  • Become the sought-after specialist in their community by “owning a relatable problem”
  • Attract prospective clients and high-quality referrals by differentiating themselves from the competition

Meet Derrick Kinney

Bestselling Author • Frequent Media Guest • Money & Business Growth Expert • Fresh Financial Voice • Sold top fee-based FA business to teach others • Former Forbes Top Advisor

“Thank you Derrick for ALWAYS being a voice of reason! You make the show.” —Neil Cavuto


Our secret sauce radically grows your revenue

Stand out from every other financial advisor and make a huge impact in your community


We use the most unconventional method for you to unleash your revenue potential: Generosity.

This simple word skyrocketed Derrick’s financial advisory business. He became nationally recognized and it made him respected and beloved in his local community. The most profitable, high-net worth prospective clients desired to work with him.

Derrick's rave reviews...

Kati R Teen Success Derrick Kinney

Derrick Kinney is a great financial coach to help you build lasting wealth that impacts the world.”

—Jon Gordon, 12x bestselling author of 24 books including The Carpenter

Kati R Teen Success Derrick Kinney

Our advisors loved your session at our National Conference! You delivered big value.”

—Janine Wertheim, President, Securities America

Traci B Teen Success Derrick Kinney

“Derrick, your keynote to our top business leaders was SPOT ON! Overwhelming 5-stars on the evaluation!”

—Judy Robinson, Conference Coordinator


The Generosity Purpose is a unique and proven way to grow your business and provide personal fulfillment.

Truth—Your advisors want to make more money, right?
But if they're only making money to pad their bank account and stockpile their portfolio, they're not experiencing the significance and purpose they want.
The result? Massive burnout and not earning the money they deserve.
It’s why so many advisors struggle to reach their revenue potential.

But when you add meaning to your money, everything changes. 
Money is no longer bad—it becomes good.
And the more you make of it, the more good you can do for the causes you care about.

It's the untold secret to making more money: giving it away. I call it the “Generosity Purpose.”
Your profits soar & you crush your revenue goals. 
Because your clients love working with an advisor that makes a difference.
Plus your team feels engaged and part of something bigger—and they stay with you. 
You begin to be admired by your community. More referrals come your way.

And you begin to experience more meaning in your life, while you make more money.


3 Simple Steps to Book Derrick:

1. Schedule the life-changing keynote

2. Derrick rocks the stage and inspires your audience

3. You get all the credit for an amazing event


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